Dark Materials

Goalkickercharcoal We had the 2nd of our Hands On nights in the church hall this evening. This time our theme was drawing and painting. And 14 of us aged 5 to 65 sat down with our 3 art enthusiasts who had brought along their own portfolios to inspire us. I haven't drawn anything since the age of 13 and have no confidence at all in my drawing abilities. I discovered that while my eye is non existent – it was possible to let the materials create their own shapes and then I could try and turn the shapes into something recognisable. So here are my efforts – an attempt to recreate the Johnny Wilkinson pre-kick pose. 3 prop forwards who turned into 3 Chinese clowns, and a fishing boat aground under some chalk cliffs.  I really liked using charcoal.   Very satisfying as the room went into high energy as everybody got into their creative side of their brain.  Next month its hand made greeting cards on Nov 12th.


3clownscharcoal Runagroundcharcoal



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