Building communities .. like rolling a snowball

Snowball-effect I met up with Debi Bester before the weekend. She is Director of The Reinvention Works a consultancy for building communities. The big success to date is the work she has done for the RNLI to engage young people as supporters and fundraisers. It swept the boards at the 2009 DMA awards. As someone who has worked to build several small groups but never as a money making concern I was fascinated to find out how she does what she does. Hence my picture of rolling the giant snowball. Its is an act of continuous facilitation and creation with a lot of improvisation needed. You really can't predict how large the group will grow and how quickly. Which intrigues me because it is far removed from the established agency model of content production where you can cost the time it is going to take you to build something and add margin on top of that. This is much more difficult to price. So we discussed a number of different models. Lovely way to finish the week! 



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