RIP Andrew Ehrenberg

  Andrew_Ehrenberg The MRS has announced today that he has died. This man is one of the giants of UK marketing – and probably one of the most important 20th century thinkers on the topic. I never met him but always want to interview him. And never got around to it because I would have had to have read so much that I never got around to tracking him down. Here's a shortlist of the topic where a lot of nonsense was being talked about until Ehrenberg set up definitive studies to stop the waffling and to impose some objectivity. Here's a short list for which I am indebted to Mark Earls the Herdmeister who has read and interviewed the man.


Advertising doesn't work the way most people thought it did by making people aware first and foremost.

We change our behaviour BEFORE we change our attitudes – in fact its our behaviours which bring about attitudinal change.

Competitive brand customer profiles aren't very different so elaborate segmentation of customer groups is mostly pointless.

Price promotions in fact all sales promotions have a short term effect and don't build brand value.

Customers aren't as loyal as you think. CRM is deeply problematic. You can't make them more loyal.

Bigger brands have more customers (or people who say they are loyal) than smaller brands.  Because they are bigger. This has become know as the double jeopardy rule.

This is just a summary – the man was a contrarian who nailed more marketing bullshit than almost anybody else I can think of.  Never worked as a planner but as far as I'm concerned a planner to his fingertips.. I suppose I am going to have to read his papers now any way. And regret I never picked up the phone.



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