Distance co-presenting

Joanna Chrzanowska and myself ran an introductory session to our online research course at the ICG AGM last night.  What made it particularly noteworthy (to my mind) was that we walked the talk. Joanna presented from her villa in southern Spain. We moved (almost) seamlessly from Skype chat, audio and full video as the wifi network permitted to the Visions Live online focus group platform where it was possible to interact, draw upload photos and all the rest. Joanna couldn't see the rest of the room – my portable webcam was too weedy for that. But we could see her – I communicated with a headset – and her voice filled the room from the portable speaker plugged into my laptop.  Now at one level none of this is news – the technology is well understood – still pretty unreliable so you have to overcompensate and expect a level of deterioration.

What I took away from last night was the possibility of building this kind of working in as a regular way of working together.  We're now planning crowdsourcing live events and to bring the crowd with us – and they won't have to be in the room. Interesting times.

If you're interested in our online research training then get in touch with me. We're running the next day course on Nov 12th with a distance learning course to follow in the New Year.




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