Cloud 4: crowds and analysis & interpretation

Cloud of Knowing is back. We have our 4th get together next Wednesday evening at 6.30 pm. Our host is Insite Consulting 338 Euston Road London. Annelies Verhaeghe of Insites will be talking about a project finished only in August when they used crowd sourcing in various formats to test using respondents to analyse. I'll be talking about communities of interpretation – turning agency teams into networks of analysis.  A good pretext to talk about analysis and interpretation in a whole new way.

Cloud of Knowing is a project for finding out how to make better use of internet content as part of research. To do it properly. That's pretty much it. What we explore and how we do it is a movable feast!

These sessions are open source -that is to say they are free. We share our content. If something is really realy confidential then we don't mention it. And we post what is presented – and share cool stuff on the Cloud of Knowing webjam. But the forum is ideal for sharing new thinking with some of the smartest most engaged people you could hope to find. Which is Cloud of Knowing has achieved so much even though it has been going less than a year.  Come along and get involved! The great thing about Cloud is that you have a sounding board in place. Conferences are getting more and more stuffed with speakers with less and less opportunity for assimilation and debate. That's what we specialise in. the highest compliment you can pay someone is to really listen to them. And there is less of that going on than there used to be.



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