Character and training

GCSE results today and it feels like I can calm down now as a parent and coast towards the end of the year – high anxiety over. My 16yr old and 18yr old have got to where they wanted to. One of my favourite quotations from the ever so quotable Honda culture goes something like this – there is character and there is training. We can always solve the 2nd. We can't do very much about the first.  My perception is that the UK educational system has been all about the second, battery farming millions of kids with the grades. What is less easy is to give them the hunger and desire to learn with integrity. Its not as easy to do and a lot less easy to measure. In this I am very reassured. Both the 16 year old and the 18 year old have demonstrated that they could discipline themselves to sit down and work (which is more than I could do when I was their age!). And to set goals which they want to pursue. That's what I am mostly pleased about. The grades are good. The appetite to work and succeed is better. Much much better. And they got it.



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