Android’s upward mobility

Matt sent me through a link on the latest Gartner report about mobile sales in the US and a chat followed about the stellar rise of Android as a mobile operating system. I'm always amused that whenever I talk to anybody about Android they describe it as the poor man's iphone. Not the way I would position it but I doubt Apple intend to drop their prices any time soon so perhaps that gives Android plenty of room to manouvre. I see Android's natural target as the Nokia's and Erickssons of this area. The art directors and glitterati have long ago migrated to planet Apple. The exectuive types have long since strapped themeselves body and soul to their blackberries. Which leaves pretty much everybody else. Which is a lot of people. I predict that it is going to be Android which introduces most of the world to the phone app. And that certain Android killer apps are going to become destination brands in their own right.

The barrier seems to me with the network providers who are getting nice and rich on monthly internet contracts and who need to find a way to convert access to internet data into micropayments. So pay as you go users like most teenagers  can start to use it. Otherwise the teenagers are going to have to stay tethered to wifi spots. That would be a way one of the networks will steals an advantage over the others.  But this looks like the best sign yet that data is driving handset adoption.

Move over everybody else Android is going to be the Ford of OS's. Now just give me a moment and I'm going to ditch my iPhone and move across to Android. Really. Gotta stay with your customers. MobileosMktshare



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