Tracking your managers: Bishop of Hertford Paul Bayes

Paulbayes The Church of England have just announced the new Bishop of Hertford. Who has been a special adviser to the 2 archibishops on church growth – which I suppose should be translated former Director of Sales becomes Regional Manager.  I found his itinerary today on the official diocesan website – but already knew it because blimey this new appointment tweets – so you can follow his trail. Which is kinda cool. I was rather jealous of Oxford Diocese for having their own blogging bishop – Alan Wilson Bishop of Buckingham.  Its about accessibility not 24/7 contact – its great communications to let people know what you're up to who you're meeting and within the boundaries of confidentiality and good manners. Looks like we're going to have one of our own in the Diocese of St Albans: woo hoo!

Using new technology comes with its dangers because the old infrastructures creak on. And don't work very well as comms channels being suited to broadcast and having almost no facility for consultation let alone dialogue. So as management layers start to adopt the channels of email and social platforms there are real tensions. Because the gap between those who know what's going on and those who don't is going to widen. "What's going on" being as true of what is happening at street level as what is happening in policy meetings in the centre.  And perhaps the biggest change is that the digital channels are useful for telling people what you're doing. Not asking for permission to do it.

Please note that I may now be able to track said bishop elect around the local turf. But he doesn't actually become bishop till Sept 21st. The Church of England still could take advice from glaciers on the movement front. But its a start and a hopeful one. Welcome Paul Bayes. See you when we see you!



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