Spotify – I get it finally

Spotify I've been asked to do a bit of guitar work and maybe a bit of singing too to help a friend who's doing a set at Greenbelt at the end of August. We're a good 2 hours drive apart so I was intrigued to find that Spotify has overtaken the CD in the post as a way of learning songs. He's going to post a playlist of songs for me to learn. So I spent a happy late evening working through songs on screen guitar in hand starting to learn them. Its a new way for me to use a computer and a very pleasant one. I used to do this sort of thing with a cassette player many years ago till I had learned songs off by heart. Very therapeutic.

Spotify is extraordinary – I seem to have dodged most of the advertising. An limitless store of songs to call up. Gonna buy any? Of course not. That's the bit that bothers me about Spotify – it makes purchase pointless. The only way for artists to monetise it is to play gigs – lots of them and to charge big money for tickets.



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