Online Qual universe 2 days away


 It has been full on. The guide to the online qualitative universe kicks off in 2 days and its all getting a little frazzling. Part of the reason is the scale of it. Training Jim but not as we know it. There's an online pretask which is running now. The day will cover the main techniques of online qualitative research. Participants will have the chance to take part in an online focus group (real time) and a bulletin board style asynchronous group in the days following the event. And there will be a drinks reception funded by the event sponsors.  We've really gone all out for it because for the last 12 months training has been something it has been easy for companies to trim. This offer proved irresistable – the course sold out a month ago. The room holds 50. We have a waiting list too. So it sounds like we're going to have to run the course again before long.

The universe metaphor has been stretched to the limit – lots of shots from the Hubble telescope. Joanna Chrzanowska has come up with some fab titles – my favourite section header is the 3rd MROC from the sun – MROC standing for a market research online community.

Interestingly  we've seen an increase in related enquiries for other training courses. Which is a huge relief. Because I don't believe you can go even as far as a year without training – knowledge is developing too fast. I was beginning to wonder whether the habit of training was being lost and people were expected to browse on the internet till they found some inspiration.

Right now its just looking like we reinvented training and its a whole lot of extra work. If it works I suspect we'll be doing a lot more of it.



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