Nicole Yershon

NicoleInnovation Fest was a particular treat because I met Nicole Yershon – who I had wanted to meet ever since Dave Trott wrote a glowing tribute to her earlier this year called memorably  We don't need more thinkers we need doers. Stop right now and read that last link.

Dave makes his point so eloquently I am not going to even start to explain what it is that Nicole does except that she runs the London Digital Lab for Ogilvys as a profit centre. If you read this blog regularly you will know that I have a longstanding slowburn project called Waggledancers. Nicole is a waggledancer extraordinaire she creates by assembling teams and drawing the best out of them. I don't think there is a higher calling for a creative person myself. Classic Supporter behaviour using Hanne's Creative Creatures – which you can read about in the Innovation Fest below. She was telling me about how she found the technologist who could create audio so high that only teenagers could hear it so they could signal to each other without adults knowing. It was great to meet Nicole who was our host at Ogilvys for the day – a real highlight. Creativity is not just about ideas -it is about being able to motivate people and to keep creative control by securing the funding as well. There's an interview with Nicole here too.
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