Measurement Camp is back!


After an gap of 6 months the event which gathers together everyone who wants to use social media channels effectively and prove that they did so. Is happening again.  Don't miss it. Measurement Camp is happening Here's the wiki reference – put your name down here so Will McInnes, Katie Colbourne and Martin Uttley the organisers have an idea about the numbers of people coming. 5-7pm at Engine 60 Great Portland Street. Speakers are Ciaran Norris of Mindshare, Alice Ratcliffe of Shoppulse and Caroline Rolfe. With casestudy  measurement-storming following the talks.  And no doubt a pint or two afterwards.

If you offered me a 2 day conference OR the full 2 hours of a Measurement Camp. I know which I'd go for. Its that good.



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