Insatiable Moon film launches in NZ

Its out – I read the book but now its on celluloid/video? This is the film of the book that got Mike Riddell fired from his job as a Bible college lecturer. Apparently it was the theology but the sex that tipped the balance. I'm afraid it was ever thus. So Mike and Rose his wife raised some finance. She took the role of director and they shot it in the last couple of years. I can't wait to see it.

The story is about Arthur a schizophrenic Maori who is convinced he is the second son of God and who is looking for a Queen of Heaven to save the world. Oh and conceive a child – did I forget that bit?  There that ought to have caused enough interest or offence to get your attention. And so it goes from there.  The book would appear to be out of print.  You can read the blog The Interminable Moon of how they patiently put the film together over 7 years with almost no resources whatsoever. Rawire Paratene who was in Whale Rider – takes the lead. I haven't met up with Mike and Rose for years but this takes the biscuit for persistence. 

This film will guaranteed upset the faithful. Who think that fiction needs to be controlled so that it mirrors the facts as closely as possible. Which to my mind is a waste of fiction. What it means to be divine. How transformation happens and what form it takes. These are perfectly valid themes for fiction. And sex is also a complely valid area to explore.  But watch the ayatollahs put up the traffic cones to start directing the traffic away…




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