C-drive architecture

Rubbish Just occasionally I discover how staggering bad Windows is as a design. Last night was a perfect example. I discovered that my C drive the core drive on which Windows and applications and Outlook default to being installed. Was full. So full that I couldn't even uninstall some unneeded applications. Somehow this drive was full – 70 gigabytes of it. And I couldn't imagine what with. Now I have for years faithfully set up data drives to store files of different kinds. Photos, audio, video all has a separate place. To stop this very thing happening. The drive filling up to bursting point.  But it hasn't worked.

So I made a call to Matt who knows about these sorts of things. Who told me to empty my Recycle bin. I'd done that. Then to delete the contents of the Windows Temp folder. Then the contents of another temp folder. Then to flush the caches from both the web browsers I use.  That little operation got me 3.9 gigabytes back. Not brilliant but enough to start to get everything else under control. 3,900 Megabytes of rubbish is well, a lot.

Memo to Microsoft. Why don't you routinely split drives into 3 with one for apps, one for floating applications like outlook, and the rest for data. And make sure that nothing but apps goes into the Cdrive where also the extra RAM is taken from. The PC OS is nearly 30 years old and the architecture looks the part. Drives silting up with rubbish.



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