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Faith_Hill1  I picked up on this item this morning – Gretchen Peters appearing on Another Country BBC Scotland fronted by Ricky Ross. Gretchen Peters is a new artist to me but know Ricky from student days when there was a whole group of us around the Scottish college scene – gigging writing and sitting in on each others recording sessions.  Then Ricky went off and found fame and fortune with Deacon Blue. In this series Ricky is exploring the American songwriting.  Tom Morton another presenter of the show from Shetland was also a musician on the scene at the time. Small world.

As I went through Gretchen's writing credentials I found she had written for Faith Hill. Interesting because Steve McEwan another musician whose path I crossed many years ago has been a regular writer for Faith Hill.Steve once spent a tricky evening trying to teach me mbquanga township guitar playing – a South African style of playing which is ferociously difficult. With one rehearsal Steve put a South African band together in deepest Hertforshire. I was rubbish but it was a blast!  An interview here with Steve lifts the cover on the half hidden world where a network of songwriters earn a respectable living co-writing with artists who build themselves mega brand names. There's a tradeoff – the artists make more money but have to tour and record to earn it. And the songwriters get to stay at home a lot more. Which seems to work for both. Interesting to see the symbiotic relationship between the singers and songwriters.



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