YogWarm afternoon – and I got to the agency I was due to make a presentation in too early. So they sent me off for half an hour. With the recommendation that I visit Yog on Charlotte Street. I needed a little help to find it but it wasn't that difficult. Every woman within half a mile of the place knew exactly what I was talking about. I joined a long queue to collect my frozen yoghurt with whatever selection of fresh toppings I felt like paying for. As you can see there were lots. Now fruit aside I really couldn't see what was healthy about all this but in the queue there was lots of chattering about 5 a day.

Then I realised I was the only bloke in the shop. This was an edible makeover for girls and the only men in the shop apart from yours truly had been dragged in by their partners. All the groups were girl groups. The clever thing about yogs is the way it has juxtaposed health and indulgence. There's no tension. You just have your yog and eat it.



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