Nudge – or is it a kick into touch?

Nudge1 I met Nick Southgate – in Grey's reception this morning and he mentioned that Richard Thaler on of the authors of Nudge had just spoken at the IPA.  Or was it the COI? I have been limping my way through Nudge for what seems like most of 2010. The book is so over written I get exhausted reading it. The idea is very simple. Think about the defaults and the choices that you give to people. If you don't think about it then the structure is probably wrong and you won't get the result you want. Or people won't make a sensible choice. Or feel they have made a sensible choice. So become a choice architect and create structured choices. that's it. I just saved you 250 pages. The conservative government love it and are trying to put nudges into everything. And I think they're onto something good. Its high time we took context seriously. But not 250 pages of it – that's not a nudge.



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