Nom d’un nom

Working on a naming project at present which is a vivid reminder of how hard it is to find names that really stick out in the category. The most elementary error – we've all made it – is to opt for names that describe what the company does. Which rapidly become an albatross round the neck as markets, opportunities and processes change. That's why so many brand names in the B2B space have such forgettable names – they all reference obsolete aspects of the market.  The whole point of a brainstorm is to get the rubbish names out of the system to have a chance of getting some good ones. So rattling through Greek and Roman names which are kind of familiar because we've had 2000 years to get used to them. Complicating factors include getting distracted by whether the URL has been taken – important but not as important as getting a name that works for you, whether or not the domain has been taken. And probably most important of all you need a deadline. Otherwise there is no reason ever to stop.



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