Mirko Ilic – blink review

Libertylovesjustice I spent half a day with Mirko Ilic and had to form an impression of him and his work without the benefit of being able to look it up.  Mirko is Loki – the trickster – always testing boundaries, hating bullshit, perpetually curious. When we went to the Start event Mirko did the closest thing to an elevator pitch to motivate the youngsters. But at the same time he couldn't resist insulting someone. That goes with the territory. Once you have survived the bombardment – you might be admitted in.  I call this a Blink Review because while competing we managed to establish the folllowing – Edward Tufte has used his images in his books (which I think is VERY cool). A paper I've written has wound up in a book with a contribution by Malcolm Gladwell as well. Which I think is cool. Mirko is willing to entertain this but since he goes to the same gym as Malcolm it doesn't really count. Fair play to him. That's enough name dropping. Oh and he also has an entry in Wikipaedia – THAT'S impressive.

Mirko Mirko started off as a comic artist. He got fed up with being a designer in Yugoslavia so went to the USA. He wrote down the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Playboyon a list . All magazines he had heard of so he decided he wanted to work for all of them. And so he did. Now he designs all sorts of things. Restaurants and hotels as well as websites and print projects. As he looked through the work of the students he reaction was lightning fast and decisive. My favourite was an aside as he walked out the door at Start about a blacklight bulb graphic. What's the point of a bulb that doesn't give light he said?

If it wasn't for IncrediblEurope I can't imagine how our paths could possibly have crossed. A fine example of how an event like this can create new connections.



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