Michael Conrad and the Hundred Thousand Dollar MBA

Conrad.p Michael Conrad was one of the panellists – an adman who re-engineered Burnetts global offering it was interesting to meet him because now he heads up the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. An MBA you take in a single year while staying in your job. The difference about this one is that every couple of weeks you are expected to get on a plane and go to live and work in a different part of the world to spend time with some of the most experienced creative people they can find. Moscow, Tokyo, New York, London. I know a couple of the students on the course who run agencies of their own. I have been told by one that all in the MBA is likely to cost you at least  a hundred thousand US dollars but is worth every penny for the amount of access you get to practitioners and of course the networking opportunities. The students are drawn from leaders of creative businesses from all around the world. Interesting therefore to meet the man who had a major part in putting it together. I have always fancied doing an MBA but was always put off on the grounds that those who graduated seemed to have little option but go and work for banks and corporates to pay their debts. Even though this is considerably more expensive than your average MBA it is at least focussed on teh creative industries and represents a genuine altenrative. John Hegarty is joining the programme this year as one of the professors.



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