Latino culture in Vienna

Meet Maria, Alan, Lucy and Rosalind. Maria runs the best of Vienna blog and is partnering with a giveawauy magazine called Latinos. This is an intriguing example of the kinds of micromarketing that the internet makes possible. There are enough Latin American speakers to make a free magazine viable. And latin culture is big business. The problem for a Latin magazine is how to reach those who are interesting in latin culture. That's where Maria's blog comes in. These kinds of experiments are happening everywhere. Of course the internet allows you to link to personalities and locations. What interests me about this is the commercial potential of Spanish speakers in Vienna. There will be someone trying something similar in Berlin, and Paris. The internet is NOT about gathering the faithful in cyberspace. It is about enabling community in geographical space. And the best operators are going to make it happen using the economies of scale which the web provides.



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