Last Orders – Online Qual Research training

It has been a surprising week. As it draws to a close we have had to close the training course that Joanna and I of Mike Imms and Partners have set up jointly with the AQR. Its a training course about online qualitative research. There's a day of training. With online training the following week using a bulletin board and a chatroom. Well we've had to close it and set up a waiting list. When we got to 50. I'm still surprised. I don't often run training courses with 50 delegates. It has only happened a couple of times in Eastern Europe. And it certainly hasn't happened in the last 2 years because training has gone through a terrible time with the recession. Every training organisation has struggled and had to cancel courses. So to close a sold out course a full month before it has run is just wonderful. It is taking place on the 16th. If you're interested then there might be drop outs. Better still get in touch. Because if online research is that popular then we'll be running the course again. If you have enough bodies then get in touch. Because we could run it for your company bespoke.



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