IncrediblEurope now..Backfill later

Lots to post about but no time to post it I'm afraid. I'm writing from Vienna because I've come to IncrediblEurope Mark 2 I think – Selma Prodanovic (whose baby it is) asked me to drop by last year but I couldn't make it. Billed as a gathering of creative changemakers to decide what we want Europe to be like in 2049.  At the weekend seques into 2 days of networking and pitching for business startups and investors. Workshops on various topics happened yesterday. This year Edward de Bono is giving the keynote. What interests me is the diversity of the backgrounds of the creative people presenting and discussing here. And the quite deliberate policy of getting Europe wide representation. A breadth I don't think we even start to come close to in the UK as the island monkeys. So I'm really looking forward to it. Watch this space. The backfill will have to come later



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