Impressions of Dr Who

Today we had a Dr Who episode which was a departure from the regular plot. He goes off to sort out a monster spotted in a Van Gogh painting. Actually the monster was a bit of a contrivance. The programme was really a lovein with Van Gogh taking the wonderful idea that here was a man who had never sold a painting in his lifetime so had them sitting around his house. And the design department at the BBC had a ball recreating Van Gogh's house and village so it looked more like the paintings than the paintings. Genius idea. I'm very sorry I couldn't have plugged it earlier but it won't be on iplayer any more and anybody out of the country wouldn't be able to see it anyway. But here's a link which gives you a flavour.  The end had me in tears – won't give the storyline away – from the twitterfeed I wasn't the only one by a long way. Then I discovered I had been Richard Curtissed. The writer of 4 weddings and Notting Hill had turned his pen to write this one and his trademark switches between humour and pathos were all over it.

This is what great education is about. I bet a whole lot of people set out to explore the work of Van Gogh for the first time. And the programme educated without you noticing it was doing so. A classic.  It gave me the pretext to dive back into the work of Don Maclean who was playing a concert in London last month (really sorry I missed him), the classic Vincent. And a chance to see the work of that legendary misfit and all round tortured human being.



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