Modulating reality

OK its a little clunky (or brilliant if you're a geek) but our preceptions of reality are in full modulation. And mobiles as the ultimate personal device are leading the charge. StreetMuseum is a free app for the iphone that lets you peek into yoru iphone and see historic images overlaid on the world you are looking at. Well squinting through a screen on a phone maybe a bit basic but what about when it turns up in your wrap around half silvered glasses. This is data starting to take over as a filter for the way we interpret the world. The demographic replicators (text bots) of Philter Phactory are also starting to turn up in sight of your mobile phone. You can watch them walk down the street on your phone even though they are of course invisible to everyone else. The ghosts are coming out of the wings and are set to take centre stage. Our passion for illusion demands it.



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