Meg Wheatley’s 12 principles for supporting community

Thx to Johnny More for this link to a summary of the principles of community as provided by Med Wheatley of the Berkana Institute. What it doesn't provide is any help as to how we can apply it to the hierarchical organisations in which we frequently find themselves where creativity is commoditised and marginalised unless there is a specific requirement for it, conversations as managed and unwelcome topics squashed, leadership is always vested in the same people regardless of ability, and generosity, forgiveness and love which are central to the working of a community simply don't have conceptual legitimacy. It is as if there are two ways of describing organisations – one financial, procedural and structural and the other based on what the naysayers call soft values. Actually we need to be far more forthright in saying that this rational way of looking at an organisation is always incomplete. To function these principles are a great starter. Check them out here.



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