Culture camp this Friday

McCracken This Friday Londoners have a rare opportunity to come to a workshop led by Grant McCracken the Canadian anthropologist and all round planner's icon. He has done more to make anthropology part of marketing practice in North America than anybody else I know. His book The Chief Culture Officer argues that it is high time that companies stopped outsourcing their culure watching to others and engaged with culture themselves with a view to understanding and contributing to it.The day is a review of transatlantic cultural trends in the morning with a how-to session in the afternoon for would be CCOs. I would argue that if you have the least understanding about how marketing gets and regains its bite. That you should probably regard it as unmissable. 

Engaging with culture has become critical since we stopped thinking of marketing as being about using communications to persuade individuals to make rational decisions and recognised that most of the resources: signs, traditions, language, rituals are shared. It makes more sense to start with what everybody thinks and does before you construct elaborate models which assume that people act autonomously.

Here's the link if you are interesting in booking for the all day workshop. It'll cost you a £100.

I had the privilege of sweeping the floor alongside Grant after Russell Davies inimitable Interesting 1 conference! I would highly recommend this one – an accessible way to learn interactively how to engage with culture, and to work with it. This is where messaging and branding has to go.



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