Co-opportunity – John Grant the APG talk

Co-opportunity Well the APG are welcome to post it any time but until they do.. as promised and with a link to John's slides – here is John Grant's talk from last week about his new book co-opportunity – as he himself described it – the application of marketing thinking to sustainability. Here are John's slides on slideshare.  Here's the link to John's soundbyte of what the book is about from last week's blog. I hope to get together with John in the next couple of weeks to interview him in more detail on video. But this gives you something to be going on with. And eventually I shall tidy it all up and put it on Intheirownwords on the Planning Above and Beyond site. Where you can find previous interviews with John and other communications planning luminaries.

Download Co-opportunityAPGtalk14042010

Oh and here's an embedded video from the launch event.



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