1107958_Emma_BBC_09 Our household has been watching  the latest BBC production of Jane Austen's Emma in high definition – well done and looking absolutely gorgeous.  It reminded me that we seem to have a lot of Austen films lying around the house. So I did a tot up. Complete collection of the BBC series all 6 novels  – yup that's all of them though there are couple of dodgy productions. Spare copy of the 12 hour Pride & Prejudice BBC version on VHS. 

Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility. We gave the Keira Knightly Pride
and Prejudice a miss.

Jane Austen Collection by ITV trying vainly to keep up by doing Austen on a budget – 2 hours at a time – vain hope. Their Lost in Austen was much better – don't win just get even by doing something different.

That's a lorra Austen. And it isn't a collection at all – it just sort of silted up. The end of the 20th centry has been a perfect storm for Austen. Firmly embedded in the curriculum at every level of English Lit. Mandatory if anybody anywhere in the world is studying the English novel. Perfect for keeping the class war going because of its relentless preoccupation with manners.  And still utterly relevant for the high proportion of women on this planet who have arranged marriages so for whom the idea of marrying for advantage is central. And the ideal of marrying for love is still immensely powerful.

Why do I watch it? hmm I'll keep you guessing!



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