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My son is doing an A level biology research exercise briefly lifted the lid on the magical world of online education. He needed some sources for his exercise – so searched the web to find the relevant titles. Then he looked them up on Amazon. These days Amazon allows you to read the first few pages of many of the books it sells. This I knew. What I hadn't learned was that you can do keyword searches of the texts and find out what pages particular subjects are referenced. Voila a pain free way of constructing a references list complete with page references without reading a single line of any text. They say exams are getting easier. I don't think so. Since schools took the path of least restistance harnessing the internet to enable students to reference sources and studies – then it would appear that the venerable practice of listing ones sources of reading doesn't actually measure anything but the students capabilities with Amazon. Which in my book is the fault of the examination boards and the schools. Who aren't evaluating education but the ability to fake it.

For those who are curious here's the Long Tail by Chris Anderson which you can search and reference to your hearts content. Without reading it. Outrageous. Harrumph.



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