what should I wear dear?

Camerons I am still trying to decide if the deadlock in the coming election makes it more exciting or terminally dull as the protagonists push and shove to prove they are more at the politial centre than all the others. I heard with some disbelief that appartently Dave Cameron committed  a faux pas by wearing a chocolate brown shirt with blue trousers. I was bemused to hear that the responsibility for this lay not with him but with his wife. Who buys all his clothes. Pause for a minute and reflect What would we think of a man who chose all this wife's clothes? Quite.. I wouldn't want to put the fate of the British Isles on this. But you do have to wonder what sort of man who wants to govern these islands delegates the choice of his clothing to his wife and why he can't decide if blue should go with Brown. Of course this is pure speculation. Sam Cameron has much better things to do. So Dave is probably being dressed by a consultant. Which is hardly more reassuring.



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