Revolutionary ferment

Had a very stimulating lunchtime conversation with Chloe Fowler of Razor Research yesterday. Chloe  who was one of our mainstays running the Raiders of the Lost Art Exhibition of research artefacts which we ran alongside the MRS conference this year. This year was something of a watershed since the conference embraced us with open arms – which was very nice. But true revolutionaries worry about being absorbed. Even if you succeed in your revolution do you really want to get out your pipe and slippers? Hell no! So we talked around other missions to take on. I can't share the content of our discussion but it was a pleasure picking off distant objectives to go after. What does research need to get revolutionary about?

Year by year fads come and go. There's not a lot of point getting revolutionary about methods. How about the education of researchers? Is that a fitting target? Is there a way of challenging agencies to think more deeply about how they service clients? To earn a living we mostly have to work within the status quo. But what about the status quo do we need to challenge?  And how can a movement provoke in a way that an individual agency with a particular positioning can't?

I'd be grateful for feedback. What is it time to get revolutionary about in research next?



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