Raiders of the Lost Art

Young vic  The exhibition which is going to take place at the Young Vic is coming together. Very exciting. It is being run Tuesday March 23rd by the Research Liberation Front as a fringe event alongside the Market Research Society conference next week.

Here's the idea.  A lot of really personal creative material bubbles to the top of a lot of research projects. And we have to ignore it because we are chasing a deadline – heading for the findings.

Just once we want to celebrate the creativity which pours through our market research processes. So we are staging an exhibition of artworks culled from research projects. Provided by some of the UK's best known market research agencies. There are 3 themes – work created by people who participate in research projects. Work created by those who research them. With a third category for artefacts which are used as part of research.  We will have an artist in residence to evaluate the work and to award prizes.  If you are at the MRS conference and going to the party on the evening of March 23rd the Young Vic is just around the corner from the party venue at the Waterloo Brasserie. Even if you aren't part of the conference you are very welcome to come along to view the work. There will be everything from video installations to photos to paintings to …well all sorts. some of the work will be familiar – household brands. Some will be immensely personal. Because research has the ability to touch everyone.

The Research Liberation Front is a movement which aims to set research free from the staid and the boring.  You can find out more about the Research Liberation Front and the Raiders of the Lost Art exhibition here.



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