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Research 2010 logo Just a quick marker to say What a wonderful conference this year. In future days I wil have the time to recall conversations and exchanges. Right now my own involvement from the event came from the Tuesday night when the Research Liberation Front set up Raiders of the Lost Art a Gallery of Research related art. Over 20 works provided by research agencies. Expect a fuller posting when I have had time to edit down a film about the event.  This was the 4th year the RLF had put on a fringe event and at last the conference has noticed and gave us lots of support in promoting the event.

I gave a paper on the Wednesday morning in the session on the future of Market Research. I was somewhat nervous since the Cloud of Knowing project has only met a couple of times and in effect I was being pushed to produce output when we have scarcely formed as a group. My topic was the theme of Cloud of Knowing:  the incorporation of web content into market research. I spent most of the first half of the week trying to figure out how I could cram and 7,000 word paper into first 20 then 15 then 12 minutes. In the event I took 16 but seemed to get away with it. Response was initially baffled then enthusiastic because the ground I covered was genuinely new. The paper has been shortlisted for Best new thinking and Best presentation. Which was a very nice surprise – particularly the best presentation shortlisting. Since before the session my slides had been described as impenetrable! I suppose that's the point of slides after all – you have to hear the person speak to make sense of them yes? Research bots was one of my topics. For those who are curious about them here is the place to start.

Any way am feeling very good this morning – must get back to some work – there's plenty to be getting on with.  But I will unpack some of the highlights of the conference in the next few days.



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