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I don't know quite why posts after an interval usually start with an apology as if an unspoken agreement has been broken. Blogs are not diaries where everything ought to be documented. Nor can posters constantly find something substantial to write about. And there is a great danger of posting filler material to give the appearance of great busyness which has little or no relation to what is happening behind the blog.

Last week took me to Birmingham and Manchester so the opportunities for blogging (and reflection) were quite limited though a boxed set of Simon and Garfunkel albums became a treasure – I am dying to do a substantial blog post about those two – who have been such an influence on my life and who I discovered to my shock I have never ever seen in concert not even on video.

I had a retreat day on Saturday which was something of an emergency stop – trying to stop one's nervous system after a busy time is always difficult – the autmatic response is to find a substitute activity. The real hard thing is to focus on doing NOTHING. The Saturday evening we threw a party for a friend who had been licensed as  lay minister earlier that day – so hosted so she could bring family and friends round. Which proved to be a wonderful occasion.

Went to a wedding on the Sunday.  and my family managed to to catch up with me by Sunday evening to celebrate my birthday nearly a week late. 

Looking forward to this week the major focus is going to be on the Market Research Society annual conference where I am speaking on Wednesday about how to use web content as part of research – its dispatches from the Cloud of Knowing project. Which will continue after the conference is long gone – but it will be fun to catch up with research buddies and pick up on the latest ideas.

Here's a video on about last year's conference where several people including myself and several other RLF revolutionarise are interviewed about the conference.

Major major though is going to be the Raiders of the Lost Art Exhibition which we are running tomorrow evening at the upstairs bar in the Young Vic. It is the first ever exhibition (as far as we know) of research artefacts being considered as artworks in their own right. The exhibition is absolutely free. It starts at 5.30 on Tuesday March 23rd.  The artworks have been provided by research agencies and come from 3 sources: Works created by research respondents. Work created by researchers. And work considered to have artistic merit which forms part of the research process. There will be 2 prizes awarded – an artistic prize – we have professional artist coming to judge the work. And a people's choice which we will vote on. I'm making a final decision today about whether to submit the sketch above which was made by a respondent during a group I was running about Sky TV and older subscribers.

On Friday the MRS conference was kind enough to give us the opportunity to promote the Exhibition. So we'll be doing that! 

You can find out more about the Raiders of the Lost Art exhibition at the RLF website.

That aside I have to somehow find time to analyse and write a research report by end of week! …



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