online research catalogue 2007-2009

Asleep-dog  Right that's it – Here's my catalogue of papers from events I have mostly attended and blogged over the past 3 years. Covering up to 106 papers though a few are single slide.  I've got bits and pieces from the MRS national research conference 2007,2008, 2009 but I have to stop here and get this syllabus sorted so I don't have time to go through them now. It has been a really interesting if time consuming exercise.

I appreciate that there is a lag between the work being done and the papers published about it. We have to remember also that these are the companies who are willing to talk about the research they do. A lot simply won't. So the vanguard is lagging some way behind these studies. But it seems to me that the cultural factors in business are the most restricting aspect for research now. It really isn't that difficult or expensive to set up a research community. But very hard to let it go. The fallback are panel surveys which have all sorts of problems which they are trying to address while I believe going against the grain of what internet usage means – namely interaction and the ability to chose one's own subject matter. A lot of companies will continue to use them because culturally they are an easy fit for command and control business cultures. Qualitative has still to make a breakthrough. It is still too dependent on its offline heritage which has been honed to a fine art. To really flourish qual bullein boards will have to be let go as well. 

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I could probably assemble a bag of insight papers and ones on advertising research but you know what? Right now I couldn't be bothered. Online research has still been an interesting area to document. And it puts me in place to review the syllabus for this year for the IE Business school Executive MBA  and put together something bang up to date.



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