Online research catalogue – 2007

Right then you lucky people. I need to rejig the online research syllabus I teach for IE International Business School Digital Marketing Masters. Part of which means I have been reviewing my teaching materials. I pride myself on having collected what must be one of the finest collections of papers about online research ever. Actually I would humbly suggest that its better than that. Because I have not only heard most of this material presented. And asked questions about it. I've often blogged it – you'll find the blogs on WARC if you're a subscriber. And I've made use of a lot of the material (with the authors' permission of course) to teach students online. So the catalogue contans brief notes and reviews of the material. I shall work as fast as I can to bring the catalogue up to date to the present day.

Today I am posting the 2007 catalogue. Which was the year I decided that online research was an area worth watching.

I attended 2 MRS courses:

  1. Website development research
  2. Online qualitative research

And 2 conferences:

  1. WARC online research
  2. MRS Research 2.0.

The number of papers is in the order of 17 NOT including course material which more than doubles it. 

You will appreciate that I can't distribute these papers online because I would have the copyright holders all over me. But as far as I can share I will do so.

Enjoy! Download Conference papers 2007



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