Mike Riddell – film maker

I haven't heard sight or sound of Mike Riddell for a while. Then up he pops and he's in postproduction for a film of his novel The Insatiable Moon. With an intriguing blog post about authorship and whether the writer, director or ensemble is the genuine author.  And a hearfelt blog about the travails about trying to film your own novel.

This was the novel that got him fired from the Bible college at which he was lecturer. Just to ruin the plot for you Arthur the protagonist is an Islander suffering from schizophrenia who believes he is the second son of God. And he decided that God has told him to impregnate a disillusioned housewife so she can give birth to the future of the human race. The novel contains a graphic account of the impregnation. Which seems to have been the tipping point to getting Mike fired. If he had written a heretical book he might have got away with it – but sex and religion have never mixed well. This was beyond the pale. I'm not offended by it – look its fiction – that is what fiction is for.

Great that they have got as far as getting the film shot. Getting it distributed well that will be interesting. Film festivals and art house I suppose.  All they have to do is to tip off the nearest couple of churches and surf the resulting demonstrations. The most surprising thing I have heard this year!



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