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Snowclouds I have suggested before in a blog that we should have a dictionary of online keywords to measure their frequency and velocity – how often they are used and whether use is increasing or decreasing dramatically.  To this I would suggest that we review the use of particular words associated with particular products depending on what level of maturity the market is. The first people who trial a product recommend it to the early adopters who hand it over to the early mass market and so on. I would expect the language and ideas used to mutate discontinuously to show there has been a sea change  in who is using the product and how. There is an S curve of innovation – so at times the takeup is disproportionately slow and at other times dizzyingly fast. Identifying these change words and phrases would tell us when these changes are taking place.  When the snowstorm passed yesterday the front was so clear that I could see the wall of cloud disappearing to the west over the horizon. I would expect similar fronts in markets. And I would expect words to reveal their presence.



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