I don't think I need to repeat some of the rather unpleasant things that Nigel Farrage called the President of the EU yesterday. Or to wonder out loud why someone working quite so hard to improve the standing of their own nation should be quite so quick to belittle and insult other nations. But just to observe that Western institutions have given birth to some rather odd creatures. Who are able to support themselve from the institutions they profess to despise and claim they want to overthow. We have Islamic extremists who not only use the freedom of speech and self expression in the UK to express their opposition but frequently are intent on collecting state support too. And then we have career politicians in UK like Nigel Farrage who get elected to bodies they don't believe in so they can call for their deconstruction and demolition. Interesting to find UKIP alongside such different bedmates.From where I am it looks to me as if their behaviour and statements are completely unprincipled. Or am I the only one?



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