Vhstodvd I've finally got around to installing the VHS to DVD app from Roxio. Which not only allows you to digitise all your old VHS tapes but also plugs into your old stereo to do exactly the same for your cassettes and records. So I spent a happy evening listening to records in the sure and certain confidence that I will have digital copies that I can drag and drop onto mp3 players and play them wherever I want. Tonights haul was Motions and Emotions an Oscar Peterson album, Voices a Roger Eno album. And Belafonte sings the blues – all the way from 1958! Great to get these back into circulation!

I've got a cupboard full of VHS recordings to rescue from about 1990 with a lot of world music when that was fashionable on TV so will let you know how that goes. Plus a series about the history of advertising. All those treasures..



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