What the frock?


Just to record (a little self consciously) that my piece on Reader's Robes was published in the Church Times today.  It was first published in the reader magazine. Here's a picture that I doctored rather badly in Photoshop dropping me robed intothe church of England's very own Diagon Alley next to Church House where wizards go to get robed.. My tongue is shoved very firmly into my cheek throughout the interview.

I'm not against robes but on a day when I wrote a thoughtpiece for about 1000 researchers about the research uses of an iPad, sat down with a cold cloth on my forehead to write an MRS paper about the future of content analytics in research  I also met with a widower whose wife died this week whose funeral I take in a fortnights time. To celebrate her life.  Robes had nothing to do with any of it. My role as lay minister relates to all of it. 

Lucky subscribers can find the article here. Me I need to get that flannel back on my forehead and finish that paper.



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