The year of going backwards…

Swisscheese Its a little late for forecasts for 2010 but it seems that from a number of quarters there are going to be quite serious attempts to turn the clock back. News International are supposed to be taking their content out of Google and charging us for it. There are new apps which allow you to commit social media suicide and disappear from twitter facebook and anything else. We seem to want to retrench from the great internet soup into something more controllable and monetisable. Pendulums swing in more than one direction. It was never going to be all in one direction. However the notion that the internet might start to fragment is an interesting one for research. IThe internet has always been fragmented but until now we could work on the assumption that search engines and the concentration around social media platforms was starting to give us stability and an unimaginable data set. It looks as if we need to pay rather more attention to the holes in our data and to be a little more honest when we are comparing Emmental with the white cliffs of Dover.



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