Postscript on complexity – switching modems yesterday – internet blackout

Returning to online status this morning after 24 hours offline I have become aware how dependent I am on it. I had to change a modem over at home. And the complexity of having to physically change it, call tech support to tell them the new MAC number – go through an online activation script, and reboot the wifi router was so confusing that I was offline all day and got nothing else done. Infuriating.

Does all this complexity come about for lack of information between different departments I wonder? As an account holder I am the only one who can put a box on the end of the line with a unique identity. Why do I then have to log on and activate?  Probably because every transaction is a pretext for sucking information out of the customer. If all that needed to happen was to plug in a box then this would be a wasted oppportunity. The data from the transaction is worth more than the object being installed, the activity it enables and the revenue it generates. Result – nightmarish setups. And I don't believe it will get any easier because the desire for more data will outpace the ability to collect it automatically and sensibly.



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