Pain in the neck: injury compensation culture

Whiplash_cervical I have had a second call asking if I want to claim compensation for an accident in which a car bumped into my Civic back in 2008. It turns out that because an opt out  box was NOT ticked on the insurance claim a legal firm I have never heard of rang me up and ask if I have whiplash injuries and if I would like to make an insurance claim. They say the insurance company covering the car that hit the Civic has put money aside so all I need do is ask and they will go and get the money for me.

A few additional facts- I wasn't the driver, the companies cold calling me don't know how much has been put aside for compensation but they will assess the chance of winning and take it to court on a no win no fee basis. There has been no account in any of the paperwork that anyone was injured at all. But the no win no fee option encourages scavenger lawfirms to persuade me that it is worth making up an injury to get some money.

And I can't stop them doing it. Because there was no opt out I can be called anytime. I wish there was somewhere I could go to switch them all off. Note that by posting this and keywording it that I will get spam posters attaching comments to this item in the hope of generating leads. Its pathetic, immoral and timewasting all good reasons for changing the law so they can no longer do this kind of prospecting.



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