a kiss to start the new year as we leave the noughties and hit the teens… I have managed to resist the blog reflex for the past fortnight but no doubt will go back to revisit some of the more noteworthy parts of the Christmas break.  But for now I want to fast forward to 2010 and start you off with a video interview about the future of market research provided by Esomar interviewer the Chief Juicer himself John Kearon.

It highlights a number of the themes I also hope to see happening this year.

Video being the first – I apologise that you are not watching me on video already but I confess I am still getting my ducks in a moving bobbing row. I have discovered that I need to double the RAM in my computer to be able to seamlessly process video footage – but I'm working on it. I predict that video communication will become even more ubiquitous and the ISPs after grumbling about the lost bandwidth will get on with the implementation of G4 so that the internet doesn't crash under the weight.

The second would be the use of technology to generate customer insight. I note that I have less than a month now to deliver several thousand words to the Market Research Society on the use of analytics within research to have a chance to say something coherent for the March conference but I think its time we got a little further than counting tweets, noting the positives and believing we have A FINDING.. Cloud of Knowing is the place to follow this one.

Avatar-movie-image Third .. co creation? Hm not sure – I think more companies breaking down the artificial barriers between employees and clients and becoming a tad more tribal.  I'm sure I will take more time to talk about Avatar but isn't the idea of a bunch of anthropologists inhabiting bodies to go and hang out with aliens before mercenaries go out and shoot them a perfect paradigm for marketing and market research and what we DON'T want the next decade to be about.  Off to the tree of knowledge then to have an out of body experience.. eh people?  Let's make one tribe!

I shall be doing a lot more on the subject of Waggledancing which is my project for growing ideas and getting them safely out of companies and into the marketplace. Creative people spend too much time having ideas and not enough making them happen – and waggledancers is all about developing the skills for doing this effectively. Expect 5 posts a week for the rest of the year on the topic yup that's a new year resolution. You can follow this on waggledancers. You may be interested to hear that behind the site there are 2 calendars one for content and the other for marketing – the two go hand in hand of course. Not one without the other. But note also that for the project to fly I need to persuade people to actively participate – the content will eventually take the form of a book – so marketing is not promotion but invitation to participate. And the content isn't advertising copy but content that people can take away and use themselves. This seems to me the big difference between old marketing and new marketing. Telling people how great something is so they buy it is so much clutter. Giving them something they can use immediately – that is what value creation is nowadays and smart marketers start creativing value BEFORE their prospects have bought the product. 

Don't forget You Make the Meaning. Which is my name for the research service where companies pay a retainer to have me on hand as their virtual research department. One of the biggest problems agencies have is having to use far too much of their billed hours making research happen because they aren't sure what to do or unused to how to make things happen fast. I do it all the time so call me! That way you can use the timBee_1e you devote to research to shaping its design and applying its findings.

What else? I expect to be back in Romania by the end of the first quarter. I expect to have completed my first major writing assignment by then (as the planner researcher evolves into professional writer) And I expect to be writing some new training courses for this year too – watch this space. 

 Oh and I will get around to relaunching my website with a new logo which funnily enough looks rather like this..



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