Freedom of information.. about your car

FathertedcarItem on the radio this morning about which cars are most reliable. 3 year old and 13 year old. As evidenced by their MOT failure rate by model. A lot of this information is publicly available through the JD Powers survey of new cars so it wasn't as earth shattering as the presenters obviously thought. Apparently Japanese car models are more reliable than European ones. Really? Much more interesting was the information that the MOT people had been trying to stop this kind of information becoming available. Unbelievable. Don't the public have the right to know that nearly a third of Renault Megane's fail the MOT at 3 years old. Well they jolly well ought to. 

I presume this is the dead hand of powerful car companies not wanting this kind of information to become known. Ford are keen to point out that people drive more miles with their cars – so its not their fault. Cheaper I suppose to repress the information than to make their cars more reliable. Tant pis mes braves.. another headache for a state subsidised industry.  Next we'll be told that the banks we own are making unreasonable profits out of us.

The source is the open secrets blog on the BBC site. Might be worth having a look at it.



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