Form over function.. Google’s new mobile phone

The Iphone has in a matter of a couple of years become the most popular mobile handset in the USA despite the scorn of Steve Balmer Microsoft's CEO. A company which has builty its reputation as a computer manafacturer predominantly by its approach to design. And now Google launched its latest handset the Nexus with a 1Ghz processor (I don't think I have any computer in the house that powerful).  Which is as slim as a pencil. And boasts among other functions the ability to do visual search using Goggles – the film below explains what this is and how it works better than I can.

Let's remind ourselves that this is a mobile phone made by an internet advertising company. It shows us that form dominates function – Making things that work isn't enough. Its how they do what they do which creates the value. A phone that helps you find stuff is more useful than one that makes calls and connects you to the internet. Nokia has more than enough resources to deal itself back in the game. But it is going to struggle because nobody doubts that they can make mobile phones. The question is what for.

And it shows us what advertising has turned into since it started to work on the internet. Not about the delivery of messages but the delivery of relevant content when the customer goes searching for it. And in this case making it easier than ever before because you just have to point and shoot. Its the stimulation of the inbound channel which is the name of the game now.



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