Flipping video – say it on camera

Here’s a demo the flipshare video camera  I am experimenting with this year. Its about the size of a mobile phone.  My version films high definition video for 2 hours straight into solid state memory and it has a built it USB socket so you can load the footage straight onto a computer. The software is functional (and is stored on the Flip – so no CDs needed) for basic editing and posting to the likes of Youtube. So I shall be experimenting with using a lot more video clips this year. Because it is the work of a couple of minutes to film and post.  I have some re-engineering to do to get my usual video editing sofware to be functional again – Premiere now needs a minimum of 2GB RAM to run which is ridiculous but memory is cheap so I am going along with it.  Which means I can join the world of hi definition using a pocket device. Watch this space. I’ll probably tell you what I’m up to.

Here are a couple of examples from the waggledancers site where I have opted to talk instead of type. What do you think? Is this where blogging is headed?



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