Environmentalism – who’s allowed to be ethical?

There's some indignation that a garrison and arms manufacturing company (the one who makes Exocet missiles) have signed up to the latest 1010 agreement to reduce their carbon emissions. When I hear that BAE systems announced that they have had a clean up so have produced lead free bullets I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The notion that weapons are now produced in a way that reduces carbon (do we measure the CO2 released every time a weapon is fired) Green exocets eh? Is this greenwash or green tidal wave?  On balance I can't see why arms manufacturers shouldn't sign up to these kinds of agreements. If the making of weapons was creating a needless level of pollution then wouldn't we prefer efficiencies?

What is more alarming is the mutating of green watchdogs into moral arbiters who want to hand out morality points on much broader criteria – I call that overkill. You may object to weapons but that is not a reason for trying to stop arms companies claiming it just because you have a problem with the morality of armaments.



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